Workshop Tänze 2013

2. Country Music Meeting 2013
Railroad Station VII Kleinbahren 2013
6. Line Dance & Countryfestival Güllesheim
18. Schlaubetaler Countryfest 2013
Skiffle Time Rocky Top Dig
Leave it to you Leave it to you
Walkin Away Shotgun House
Running from The Roses
Skiffle Time
Hudson Valley Ch Cha (PT)
14. Countryweekend Klausdorf
15. Country & Truckerfest Friedersdorf
2. Countryfestival Grafhorst
Hamburg 26.10.2013
Rocky Top Dig
Bee Bop Leave it to you Got my Baby back Sweet Maureen
Leave it to you Girls gone wild Come on - Let´s dance! Urban Living
On Your Own
Girls gone wild Jacket Joe Jacket Joe
Leave it to you
Way to go Whatcha Reckon Got my Baby back