Workshop Tänze 2012

Country Music Meeting 2012
2. Country Clash 11. - 13.05.2012
5. Line Dance & Countryfestival Güllesheim
17. Schlaubetaler Countryfest 08. -10.06.2012
I've Got News For You!
Woman Like You Walkin Away
Country Friends Party Dance Bandidos Last Ride
Sweet Surrender
Case Of Love Woman Like You
Woman Like You Walkin Away
Sunshine Trail (PT) Blue Collar Man
We own the Night
Bandidos Last Ride Alligator Shuffle (PT)
Country Friends Party Dance
Eventually Walkin Away
Alligator Shuffle (PT)
Saturday Night
13. Countryweekend Klausdorf
14. Country & Truckerfest Friedersdorf
1. Countryfestival Grafhorst
Blarney Roses It´s The Season (PT) Boys Will be Boys
Migthy Good Time Country Friends Party Dance
Workshoptänze von Kati
It´s The Season (PT) Shy Little Bayou Love
Cry Cry Cry
It´s The Season (PT)
Cindy Lou Two Step (PT)
Alligator Shuffle (PT)
Country Strong