Workshop Tänze 2009

JUNI / JULI 10. Countryfest in Klausdorf
Dont you wish Tender Hearts (PT) This & That
Louisiana Way (PT) T´morrwo never knows
Love Song It´s America
Oh Suzannah T.L.C
Cabo San Lucas White Rose for Two (PT)
3. Indian Summer in Paaren Glien
19. Countryfestival in Danndorf
2. Country Weekend Jamboree in Havelberg 2009
2. Country & Line Dance Festival in Horhausen/Güllesheim
Indian Summer, Wonder
Rocky Top Dig
Boyfriend of the Year Alibies & Lies
Mary Mary
My Heart skips a Beat
Funny Dancer
T.L.C Hillbilly
It´s America
City Light Swing
Boyfriend of the Year
Billy´S Dance (PT)
Good to be us
Line Dance Festival - Hippologica - 12.12.09
Hanging out in Florida
Rocky Top Dig
People are crazy ( PT)
Gime more for all